Fox mowing is made up of passionate lawn and garden maintenance professionals with decades of experience under their belts. When you engage our services you know that you’re dealing with local operators. All our people live in the areas they serve, so they are locals serving locals. They know the lay of the land and what people living in their area actually like and want. When you get Fox to do the job, you know you’re supporting your local economy too, so whilst we are a growing company, you really are supporting a local business, just like any other city or country-based business. All our people go through thorough police checks and we are fully and comprehensively insured for the services they perform, so you never need to worry if they break something or hurt themselves that you might find yourself in a bad situation. We’re covered and you’re covered.
We guarantee our service is of the highest quality and conforms to the standards of industry best practice.
With Fox you know that you and your garden are in safe hands.


Nothing beats a great looking lawn. But getting your grass to look it’s best is both a science and an art. Click below to find out how you can keep your lawn looking brilliant between visits from Fox Mowing so that all our hard work (and your money) doesn’t go to waste.


Plants, like any living thing, thrive when they know that they’re being looked after. And looking after plants is one of the things we do best. That means feeding them properly and making sure that they’re not competing with weeds and that bugs aren’t eating them or making them sick.


Ever wonder why so many of your neighbour’s gardens DON’T look like the cover of a gardening magazine? The secret is maintenance and care. When fox does the work, you know that you have professionals on your side, but you can do a lot for your garden between our visits.


Your garden isn’t separate from your house. What really makes the difference in presentation is all those little jobs around the place that you never have enough time to do, or simply stuff that you forget about or don’t even notice sometimes. We love attention to detail.


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